Our Valuable Team Members

Dr. Tom and Dawn Randall
Dr. Tom and Dawn RandallFounders of A Touch of Hope Ministries
Tom presently serves as the Care Pastor with Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona. His ministry has extended over 40 years and has primarily involved pastoral counseling, crisis care and overseeing a family ministry together with his wife of 44 years. Dawn was a licensed medical technologist and mother of four with now 10 grandchildren. Dawn has also been physically disabled since 1991. Together they founded and now direct, A Touch of Hope Ministries, and bring much needed hope, encouragement and support to Caregivers and their families.
Marjie Randall
Marjie RandallAdministrater and Educator
Marjie Randall brings her administrative skills, teaching credentials and her personal experience of growing up as a caregiver to her own mother. She is a child daycare administrator, children’s summer camp director and administrator of the National Office in Vancouver.
Dr. Al Johnston
Dr. Al JohnstonPastor and Grief Counselor
Dr. Al Johnston bring his experience as a pastor and grief counselor to the ATOHM counseling team. After sharing the pastoral ministry with his wife of 45 years, Al released her into the hands of our Lord and has over the last seven years served as a hospice chaplain and grief coach to an untold number of families.
Dr. Beth Gioia
Dr. Beth GioiaPastoral Counselor
Dr. Beth Gioia (pronounced “joya”) holds a Ph.D. in Family Psychology and Masters in Christian Counseling. Dr. Beth has been a professor in the Behavioral Sciences, Ethics, Bible, Healthcare, Management, and Counseling fields for over 20 years. Dr. Beth was a social worker for 11 years. She served in ministry with her husband John for over 25 years, and was ordained in 2009. She founded Gold Canyon Healing and Wellness where she practices as a pastoral counselor, allowing the Holy Spirit to pour healing love and wisdom through her. Because of her own battle with chronic illness the past 30 years, she is able to understand the pain of others and the overwhelming challenges that caregivers face. Through the gift of suffering, she has come to know that God’s power is perfected in our weakness and that His perfect love casts out all fear.
Dave Marcy
Dave MarcySoftware Developer
Dave Marcy brings computer skills and the personal experience of caring for his parents during their final years while living with him and his wife. Dave is retired from a career of writing, maintaining, and managing business application software.