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A Touch Of Hope Ministries

Touching hearts for Christ by offering support and hope to caregivers and their families



A Touch of Hope Ministries exists for the purpose of offering support and hope to caregivers and their families. It is our mission to address the issues confronting our churches and communities of faith as they face the challenges associated with families contending with the arduous task of caregiving, disability, chronic pain, suffering, plus terminal and debilitating illnesses, via the use of support groups, online counseling, webinars, conferences, materials and resource information.
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63 mil
Did you know that there are 63 million non-professional caregivers
58 mil
As well as 58 million disabled that reside within the USA alone
80 %
80% of those disabled live with their families

And these numbers continue to grow.


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Who We Are...

An unmistakable passion residing from within its leadership to encourage caregivers and their families.

This vision involves four major areas of concern each of which adds to the fulfillment of our vision to reinforce families contending with these difficult scenarios:

1) Assistance in developing Christ-centered support groups for caregivers and their families through communities of faith, who are compassionately concerned in assisting families encumbered by such issues as caregiving, disability, chronic pain, suffering, terminal illness and grief.

2) Free online therapeutic pastoral counseling with experienced professionals who themselves have had to contend with these hardships.

3) Christ-centered workshops and conferences for churches to educate and offer support within their community to families contending with caregiving, palliative care, hospice care, chronic pain, suffering and disability.

4) Develop through A Touch of Hope Ministries a National Christian network that works with local churches and communities of faith.

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