about us

Who We Are...

A Touch of Hope offers support and hope to  caregivers and their families.
Our vision involves four goals that aim to support and reinforce families who find themselves in a caregiving role:

Conferences - Counseling - Workshops

Online pastoral counseling with experienced professionals who have dealt with the challenges of caregiving.

Christ-centered workshops and conferences for churches and community groups to educate and offer support  for families.  caregiving, palliative care, hospice care, chronic pain and disability.


National Resource Team

  • Advisory Help
  • Online Counseling
  • National Development

Support Groups

Christ-centered support groups for caregivers, and those caregiving those with chronic pain, illness and disability.

Support groups are for:

  • caregivers and their families
  • chronic pain issues/ terminal illnesses
  • disabilities/physical – Mental Adversities
  • grief

Community Resource Teams​

 Leadership Training and developing local chapters of A Touch of Hope Ministries into a National Christian network that works with local churches and communities of faith in offering support to the families that are facing these issues. 

How We have Helped Others and What They Have to Say...

"The material in this book is spot on - it just makes sense for anyone looking for direction, guidance or wisdom in reference to the care of a loved one or who wants to care for others. "It provided me encouragement from the standpoint of listening to Tom and Dawn's story, knowing that they traveled this life altering road and were still able to write a book and offer up their Godly lives as an example to others of a loving husband and wife being carried by their marvelous faith while reaching out to help others along the way. What an inspiring blessing. "The book discusses four corner puzzle pieces, which I view as tools to help walk my way through caring for others. God Inspired. These corner pieces offer hope, insight, inspiration and understanding into how to handle adversity in everyday life, while making some sense out of the 'why', in addition to adding some direction into our adversity. "Adversity Mobilizes Us to Action - Applying, sharing, and living the grace and unfailing love that God shares in our hearts is how we are called into action as a caregiver.

"Thank you Tom and Dawn Randall for the Caregivers course. When I heard of your group I was broken, overwhelmed and angry. I couldn't figure out why God was punishing us so much. What did we do so wrong? Not only that, my other half was more angry and not in a good place. By sharing your story and teaching this group I have learned that God loves and has so much faith in me. I'm still unsure as to the reason why God allowed my love to be so sick but I am understanding more as to why I have been chosen to take care of him. God has a special place for the caregivers and you helped me see that. Your group opened my mind and heart. I used what I was learning with my sweetheart and saw it help him. It's still a work in progress, but he is getting a little closer to God.
Again, thank you!"
Tonya T.